Ex-Showroom Replica Tolix Stool 450mm

$49.00 $149.00


These have been dusted off and are in great condition..the gunmetal finish has natural markings of the steel under the clearcoat and is sold as an industrial finish. 

Urbane industrial style at its best. This replica of the original Tolix stool was designed by Xavier Pouchard is considered a design classic. With so many replica replica's out there please take a moment to understand why our units are superior and will last up to 5 x longer. As follows: These units are manufactured using modern machinery to mold and compress (not cut and shape) 3.5 mm solid steel which is then welded together, galvanized and polished by hand.  

  • 400mm W x 450mm H x 400mm D
  • Stackable
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Suitable for table height of 750mm