Ceiling & Pendant Lights

CLYDE | Pendant



Slim Nordic design and innovative technology are combined in the most compelling way in the Clyde series. Clyde has a built-in moodmaker function, which allows you to adjust the light in three steps according to needs and situation from your regular wall switch. If you have a long dining- or kitchen table, Clyde is the perfect pendant as the four light sources emit lots of light. With the thin design, the pendant does not cut the visibility or take up any unnecessary space in the room. Moreover, the built-in moodmaker function enables you to change the light from a functional light when the kids are doing homework to a warm cozy light when eating dinner with friend and family.

General Specification

Brand Nordlux
Warranty Period 2 year
Power Input 230V AC
Power Rating 20 W
Dimming Control 3 stage step dimming
Beam Angle 320 Degree
Driver Included Driver Included
Finish Colour Black
Series Nordlux Clyde Series
Material Metal
Waterproof IP20
Operating Temperature -10°C~50°C

Height:222.5mm | Diameter85mm

Bar Pendant Height:93mm | Diameter85mm
Socket Type LED Module
Cable Length 2 m
Lifetime 50000 h
Light Source Integrated LED