METAL | Electrical cable


Price is per meter.

    Metal covered braided 3 core lighting Flex that is suitable for all lighting with active neutral and ground wires so it can be used to earth metal light fittings.

    The singularity of the metallic covering makes it perfect both for vintage and modern environments, especially those inspired to industrial chic atmospheres.

    Lengths ordered are supplied as one piece, ie 6 x 1.0 meter comes as a single 6 meter length.
    • Operating temperatures: +105o C maximum outer insulation temperature
    • Operating voltage: 300 
    • Rated to 6 amp
    • Relevant standard:  Doubled insulated. Construction of the core is tinned copper strands insulated with 180o CFEP Teflon® to ‘ IMQ ‘ standard ref. A2641. A reinforcing layer of 105oC PVC is extruded prior to braiding and twisting.
    • Insulation colours: 3 cores : blue, brown, green/yellow.